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“Let me worry about that.” She snuggled closer, her face burrowing into my chest.

“One more last thing,” I said restraining her arms from moving in the direction of my belt. “I call the shots from now onwards.”

She was breathing loudly and deeply. Her heartbeat was so fast it could overtake a cheetah. “Of course!”

I wondered what I would have done if she had said no.

I had learnt that a little wits in moments like this paid tremendously. Promises resulting from gratitude and favours owed, gave you the handles, not only to hearts but also to minds.

Our lips touched. Hers felt moist and soft, and sweet too. Her tongue plodded mine. Her arms were fumbling with the buttons on my shirt.

She was provoking me with her sexy body. I reached out to lift the edges of her flimsy negligee. The door burst open and in stomped two men brandishing pistols.

The first man said, “Detective Jane Njeri and Detective Jackson Kong’ani, you’re under arrest. You’re hereby ordered to hand over all the files for the cases that you’ve been working on and to surrender the names of the agents that you’ve recruited in the past six weeks.”

I recoiled from Jane’s embrace and stood looking at the two. They were fake officers. “For what crime are we being arrested?”

“We suspect that you’re engaging in activities that go against the CID code of conduct.”

That could mean anything or nothing. It didn’t sound convincing. It didn’t.

“If I may ask, who are you?”

“Oh, I’m Private Kadenge,” the first man said.

“And I’m Private Kalerwa,” the second man added. “We’re from the NISS.”

“May I see your work IDs, please?”

Kadenge, his right hand still pointing the gun at me, reached into his coat and handed me his special ID. It was almost perfect. I handed it back and took a nonchalant step forward to reach out for Kalerwa’s who was following suit. I nodded.

Kalerwa lowered his gun as he reached out his left hand to retrieve his ID. I held his right arm and brought it down on my knee so hard. It snapped at the elbow. The gun fell on the floor. He cried out as I forcefully flung him at his stunned accomplice.

Kadenge was not fast enough on the trigger. He just had enough time to level it with my forehead before his companion’s head crashed into his stomach. He doubled over dropping the gun. The two men landed on the floor. Kagenge started to crawl towards his gun.

I reached into my holster. No gun there. Too late. The man had retrieved his gun and was pointing its ugly muzzle right into my face. I sighed and closed my eyes. There comes a time when…

Where was Jane?

“That was foolish,” Kadenge breathed sourly. “Now I’ll…”

“Bang!” went a gun fitted with a silencer. That sounded like my gun!

I opened my eyes soon enough to see the man sinking to the floor with a tiny hole on his forehead. The wall behind him was splattered with the white matter of his brain.

“Bang!” the gun sput again. It was his colleague’s turn to slump onto the floor with a tiny hole on his left temple.

I turned around. Standing there, a smoking gun in hand and looking more beautiful than ever, was Jane Njeri.

“Hey, that’s my gun!”

She smiled faintly. “I stole it from you. Are you mad at me?”

“Why should I be? No, I’m not mad at you. You saved my life. I’m just shocked because nobody ever did that to me.”

Her smile grew thin. “I’m not ‘nobody’. You should realise that.”

“I realise.” And I did. “I guess if people steal for such good reasons it’s O.K.” I walked over to her and held her in my embrace. “Otherwise, nice piece of markwomanship there.”

Jane was a head shorter than me. She had to look up to look into my eyes. “You pushed me to it. I couldn’t stand the thought of someone pumping a bullet into you.”

“Thank you for saving my life.”

“You owe me something more tangible. Hard, to be precise.”

Too bad I couldn’t give it to her just then. There were a thousand extremely urgent matters that needed to be attended to. That was just too bad.

In spying, duty comes before self because duty is survival, life itself.

Jane was a good spy. She was thinking along the same lines. “Who are these?”

“Private Kadenge and Private Kalerwa.”

“They’re fake, aren’t they? Because if they aren’t, we’re in for big trouble.”

“Right on both counts. Now, go to your room and pack your stuff. I’ll do the same after checking these men to see if there’s anything on them that can give us a lead or a clue to who their bosses are. We check out of this hotel in 30 minutes time.”

“Make it 45.”


Jane stood on her toes and gave me a long kiss, returned my gun and went out of the room. She was going to be fine. We were both going to be fine. I was going to see to that.